Archives: July 2011

A Glimpse on Prada Sunglasses

Fashion is accentuated by means of trend establishing sunglasses that complement beauty and glamour to protecting your eyes. There are a number of men and women who give precedence on sunglasses as a fashion statement. The market today offers a lot of sunglasses. However, in an effort to make a statement, you cannot just step out and fall for a pair of these. You will need to find exactly that suits you. And, of course, you need to treasure the [...]

Lucrative Gucci Watches

Gucci, an Italian brand founded in 1921 is a quite young brand to have made much distinction. Guccio Gucci is the founder of the brand who was inspired by leather handbags carried by a lot of people from other countries than Florence, Italy. He got back to his home town and started the Gucci brand production. The company provided fine leather and colorful smart handbags accompanied by various unique designs. All of the excellent efforts to make the most stunning [...]

The Appeal of Fendi Handbags

As we all know, France is a nation of fashion and romance. There a large number of fashion brands may dazzle you. Among all those fashion brands, Fendi is one that we must mention here. Generally speaking, Fendi’s fashion products are varied, sexy-looking, noble and also delicate. What it excels in is the leather and fur products such as leather handbags and costumes. In 1925, Fendi was registered in Rome and in its early days, it specialized in leather products [...]