Archives: August 2011

Ed Hardy swimwear: The Perfect Accessory for the Tough Guy

You know the edgy man. He loves the wilder side of life, and the wilder side of dressing as well. You won’t see him in a sweater, and you won’t see him in a polo shirt, either. He likes jeans, T-shirts, and tougher jewelry. Fortunately for him, he won’t have to go without a swimwear anymore, either, for a dislike of the ones that are commonly found. Ed Hardy outlet now produces lines of swimwear that add either a subtle [...]

Ed Hardy Says Polo Shirts Are Not Preppy Anymore

The history of the ed hardy polo shirt has upheld it as a symbol of preppy and sporty men. This shirt was created when a tennis player combined with a fashion designer to create a collared shirt that was used known as a “tennis” or “golf” shirt. Until recently, this shirt has only been known in this context. But, recently, one company has said that a polo doesn’t always have to be preppy and taken this shirt to a whole [...]

Ed Hardy Swimwear: Unique Fashion with Color and Style

Ed hardy swimwear is one of the products of a famous company Christina Audiger. Ed Hardy an American was a noted tattoo artist. His tattoo designs are very popular and Audiger took the bold step of introducing Audiger’s tattoo designs in his clothing. The idea caught on very well in the fashion world and Ed Hardy has become brand name in Audiger clothing. Audiger makes clothing for all types of wiring for both men and women and that include swimwear. [...]