Ed Hardy Says Polo Shirts Are Not Preppy Anymore

The history of the ed hardy polo shirt has upheld it as a symbol of preppy and sporty men. This shirt was created when a tennis player combined with a fashion designer to create a collared shirt that was used known as a “tennis” or “golf” shirt. Until recently, this shirt has only been known in this context. But, recently, one company has said that a polo doesn’t always have to be preppy and taken this shirt to a whole new level. This is Ed Hardy’s idea of a polo shirt.

The first example of this is a little more patriotic, but shows the brightly-colored images that Ed Hardy plasters across the backs of their polo shirts for way more edge. The EH Eagle Rhinestone Polo, priced at $97, has just that. This black or grey polo shirt has a large, brightly-colored eagle across the back covered in rhinestones. Ed Hardy’s Tattooing is placed across the top right shoulder and U.S. and U.S.S.D.E.H. are also on the back of this shirt.

The second example contains Ed Hardy’s common panther design. The Panther Squadron Polo is priced at $86. This polo shirt is every more extreme. This shirt is a white/grey double dip style gradient colored shirt with the Ed Hardy logo on the front. Flip it over and you see the large panther image going up the back, and of course it’s covered in rhinestones. Panther Squadron is also written across the back.

If you are looking for one of this company’s great nautical designs on a polo shirt, there is something for you as well. The EH Tattooing Specialty Pro shirt is priced at $84. This polo shirt is navy blue. The front has Ed Hardy’s Tattooing on it in red lettering. The bag has a duplicated image of anchors. One is red lining, and the other is white. Directly above that is Ed Hardy’s tattooing again in red.

With its edgy style and brightly-colored tattoo images, Ed Hardy has transformed the traditional polo shirt from a preppy “tennis” or “golf” shirt to something fun and edgy. These shirts come in a variety of designs, from fairly basic ones with images on the back to shirts like these three, with large images, bright colors, and lettering all over. We can’t look at these great shirts and call them “tennis shirts” anymore, that’s for sure. What do we call them now? We just call them Ed Hardy outlet.

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