Ed Hardy swimwear: The Perfect Accessory for the Tough Guy

You know the edgy man. He loves the wilder side of life, and the wilder side of dressing as well. You won’t see him in a sweater, and you won’t see him in a polo shirt, either. He likes jeans, T-shirts, and tougher jewelry. Fortunately for him, he won’t have to go without a swimwear anymore, either, for a dislike of the ones that are commonly found. Ed Hardy outlet now produces lines of swimwear that add either a subtle edge to a piece, or completely changes the image of a great designer swimwear.

This is done in subtle ways for the man who doesn’t need an overstatement. The Hamptons Tiger Swimwear is a perfect example of a subtle, refined form of edgy design that this company can create. This amazing swimwear is made of a stainless steel case and a ceramic bracelet. The case is a large, but not too large 44mm in size. The Bezel is lined with the words “Don Ed Hardy Designs” in a plain font. The dial features a very large blue 12 hour marker and a blue second hand. The other hour markers and hands are luminescent. The tiger portion of the design is the more subtle part. It comes in a watermark on the dial that can barely be seen. This lovely timepiece is priced at an extremely affordable $130 or so.

If the edgy guy you know needs a serious swimwear, though, there are very bold versions that he will love. The Ed Hardy Japan Hot Shot Analog Swimwear is probably the boldest of these. This great Ed hardy  swimwear is only about $30 more than the previous version, but has way more going on. The case is a super large 55 mm placed on a black leather strap. It is black and lined with black Swarovski crystals. The dial of the swimwear features a yellow second hand, luminescent hour markers, and a crazy skull and Japanese design. This swimwear features quartz movement and comes with a 2 year warranty, so even though you are getting crazy, you are still getting quality.

Whether the edgy guy you know needs a refined sort of toughness or a bold statement to go along with his bold style, Ed Hardy has the perfect timepiece to top of his great, unique style. These are just two examples of a very vast swimwear collection from one of the most popular new companies in existence today.

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