The Appeal of Fendi Handbags

As we all know, France is a nation of fashion and romance. There a large number of fashion brands may dazzle you. Among all those fashion brands, Fendi is one that we must mention here. Generally speaking, Fendi’s fashion products are varied, sexy-looking, noble and also delicate. What it excels in is the leather and fur products such as leather handbags and costumes.

In 1925, Fendi was registered in Rome and in its early days, it specialized in leather products manufacturing. After years of development, Fendi Company grew increasingly in its scale, power and status in the world’s fashion field. In addition to Fendi fur goods, there are also quite a lot of Fendi accessories in the market. For example, Fendi jewelries, wristwatches, perfume and so on. Its leather products remain to be a leader of the world’s fashion trend in the leatherware industry.

Now Fendi has been a synonym of stylishness and dream. Fendi design house is used to making bold innovations and as a result, it makes wonderful achievements again and again. As I have mentioned above, Fendi is a brand featuring luxurious design and concise style which are wonderfully reflected on its handbags. You can wander around a Fendi boutique and check all Fendi handbags freely and carefully. You would find that bags there are so distinguished from others due to their bright colors and clear clipping. Some of them can go well with outfits in all kinds of styles.

There is a saying that “When you don’t know what to wear or carry, turn to Fendi. This will never be wrong.” Large amounts of people select Fendi as a result of Fendi’s irresistible appeal. Many people are keen on storing Fendi handbags and indeed, in my mind, this is really a job worth undertaking.

I believe Fendi Company would offer us buyers more nice leather bags in the coming years.

Ceasing Your Quest With a Tungsten Carbide Ring

Tungsten carbide ring is the answer to all your painstaking quests for a perfect wedding ring. Look for nothing else than this gorgeous ornament which would enable the recipient to be aware of the fiery of love and worth of togetherness.

Tungsten carbide rings are manufactured from a metal called tungsten, also known as wolfram. Tungsten was investigated thoroughly by a well known Swedish chemist named Alex Fredik Cronstedt, and it is an embodiment of the chemical W and comes with an atomic numer of 74.

Tungsten is profound in China, Russia, Austria, Peru, Bolivia and Portugal. Tougsten comes with a high melting point, ranking it second to none among all the non-alloyed metals.

Tungsten is a powerful material for the World Wara…?since it has been extensively adopted to manufacture weapons that are devastating to the enemies. As the time passes, it is gaining more and more prevalence, and it is greatly used in manufacturing bulbs and X-rays.

Apart from being used to make weapons, tungsten is also an idea choice to make jewelry. Team up with a carbon alloy, tungsten can be transformed into tungsten carbide, which is all the rage among avid aficionados now.

Tungsten rings are perfect for wedding rings since they come with stunning polish, giving them brilliant shine all the time. With a hardness of about four times than other common rings, tungsten rings can keep themselves safe from being scratches, bent or broken.

There is no need to worry about getting any health hazard since there isn’t any. In all, tungsten carbide ring is definitely your answer to a splendid wedding ring.

Bvlgari Sotirio Platinum Watches

The retro, classic and durable platinum of natural white can always maintain the value for many years. Its color and quality are immutable though through years’ suffering. Thus platinum case is the wonderful item not only to highlight the unique characters of the different movements, but also to protect the movement. And it can also bring the additional value for the watch – which witnesses the most important moment of the brand, making it as a classic and timeless commemoration. Platinum timepieces are always called the classic items.

2009 is just the 125th anniversary of Bvlgari, Bvlgari company specially produced a series of commemorating watches this year to pay respects to their founder Sotirio Bulgari. Among this series of watches, there is a kind which uses a platinum case and has only 30 limited editions. They are all with a unique number and have the functions of tourbillon and perpetual calendar that can automatically display the year, month and the change of the leap years.

Platinum and circular watches cases have the sapphire crystal case back which can show the operation of the movement. Black rhodium plated multi-layer dial have the unique printings and the opal decorations. The pointers are hollow-cut and clavoid, and the scales are rectangle and also clavoid. In the 12 o’clock position, there are pointed with the large Roman numerals. The automatic winding mechanical movement is paired with tourbillon. It has 465 parts, 46 jewels bearings and 64-hours power reserve, its vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour. It has the hours, minutes, small seconds and the perpetual calendar.